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Here at JCDecaux OneWorld we all agree that Pepsi’s Augmented Reality (AR) campaign in a central London bus shelter was truly “Unbelievable”. Although not the first Outdoor advertising campaign to incorporate AR, it was certainly a game-changing execution, creating a great buzz on the street and generating impressive social media coverage. On an international level, we are seeing a growing trend for incorporating Augmented Reality in Outdoor advertising to create innovative, out-of-the-box campaigns, where the AR is in perfect synergy with the advertising brand. Have a look at our pick of top AR campaigns from the last twelve months, selected because they demonstrate the creative and engaging potential of this technology and show how AR can really bring a brand to life.
  1. The King of Social: Pepsi “Unbelievable” bus shelter, London
Londoners witnessed a number of surreal and unbelievable street scenes on New Oxford Street, ranging from flying saucers to promenading tigers. Augmented Reality was used to surprise people and give them an out of the ordinary experience, in line with the brand’s personality. The video of the AR campaign went viral, with over six million views on YouTube, making it one of YouTube’s most viewed advertising campaigns. (March 2014)  
  1. The Prankster: On the Edge film release (original title Lev Stærkt), Denmark
AFA JCDecaux Denmark combined Out-of-Home and Augmented Reality to create a prank campaign for the release of the street car racing film On the Edge. The campaign saw an all-too-realistic AR image of a car hurtling out of control towards startled commuters waiting at a bus stop. At the end of the sequence, two actors from the film arrived to present free cinema tickets for the movie. (August 2014)  
  1. The Voyager: HSBC Red Hot Festival bus shelter, Hong Kong
To promote this year’s Red Hot Festival and ignite people’s hottest travel wishes, HSBC Credit Card launched a first-ever Augmented Reality bus shelter campaign in Hong Kong. (July/August 2014)  
  1. The Gamer: Cadbury’s #FreeTheJoy AR game, London Waterloo
Using Europe’s largest digital screen (a giant 120m²) Cadbury took over Waterloo Station in London for two days with an experiential and digital Outdoor campaign centred on an Augmented Reality game, which invited passengers to interact with the Motion@Waterloo screen. (May 2014)  
  1. The Adventurer: the world of National Geographic, Rotterdam train station
National Geographic together with Appshaker created a memorable Augmented Reality campaign tour. The campaign to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of National Geographic Society ran in Rotterdam train station. By interacting with a digital screen, commuters were able to “Step into the World of National Geographic” and see themselves stepping into some of the most amazing scenes that nature has to offer, from playing with dinosaurs to going on a spacewalk with astronauts.  (Aug 2013)  JCDecaux Innovate: Should you have any questions about Augmented Reality, or about any of the other Innovate technologies featured in our blog, get in touch via the contact form on our blog!

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