A fascinating discovery was recently made in the USA: a decades old billboard was found in Conneaut, Ohio after the demolition of a building. The authorities are now putting together all their efforts in order to make sure that this vintage piece of advertising is well preserved. The colourful advertising was promoting Bull Durham Tobacco and stated that two bags at 15 cents could create 100 cigarettes. The bright red background features the North Carolina tobacco company’s distinctive trademark. Several clues helped the authorities determine the age of this billboard: first, we know that the ad was there before it was hidden by the building that was recently demolished and this building was constructed in 1926. Then, we can see the mention of the General Outdoor Advertising Co. on the billboard, which was founded in 1925. We can therefore come to the conclusion that the ad was up in the first quarter of the 20th century. Members of the local Historical Society and the Chamber of Commerce are thrilled by this discovery and are determined to preserve this Outdoor Advertising campaign that is treated as a piece of Art.