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From art installations and fun gimmicks, to mainstream games consoles; facial and gesture recognition technology has been on a long journey and it isn't showing any signs of coming to an end soon.  Useful deployments in practical situations are becoming more and more apparent - and as the quality of camera and reliability of data capture increases, maybe soon, a world like John Anderton's won't be that far fetched! Recent technological developments have allowed for more sophisticated use of gesture tracking technology.  JCDecaux has been implementing these visions of the future today, turning blue sky thinking into reality with creative use of current technology in order to deliver engaging brand experiences to consumers. When using this technology in the out-of-home environment, creative agencies are no longer restricted by sub-standard or unresponsive equipment, because affordable solutions can be easily implemented outdoors and now, the main limitation for innovation in this field is simply, creativity! Here are some fantastic examples of JCDecaux's eye-catching, smile-generating, hand-waving, gesture-based interactive outdoor adverts:


NRMA Insurance has just launched the world's first infrared camera motion activated outdoor poster. For its ‘Motor Extras’ campaign, NRMA teamed up with JCDecaux to deliver a responsive, informative and persuasive installation in Sydney, Australia. The campaign features a 3D model of a car and uses a time of flight sensor so people can interact with it to find out about the car parts. The user's hand is tracked, and visualised on screen with a cursor in order to control the panel. By moving their body and hands, passers-by can activate the screen, move the car, watch a video and discover car parts that may not be included as standard with other insurers. There are four installations in Sydney at Pitt Street Mall, Darling Harbour, China Town and Martin Place. The campaign will run for two weeks. This type of interaction, while difficult to master control of, will be familiar to many due to the similarities of using a mouse. Read on to discover different ways JCDecaux has innovated with gesture-recognition technology.

Ford CMax

In 6 shopping malls across the UK, JCDecaux Innovate utilised augmented reality technology and produced an advanced gesture recognition campaign for Ford. The panels housed cameras that not only relayed a live feed of the consumer on screen, but also determined the location of the their hands. With this system in place, consumers could interact with the display using their gestures, with the car appearing to be held in their hand.  The campaign was centred around the strapline “Innovation in your Hands.” This technology enabled Ford to demonstrate the new features of the “Grand C-Max” in a truly hands-on fashion.

Magnum Infinity

Streets' Magnum Infinity took to the... streets(!) in a facial recognition first for outdoor advertising in Australia. Consumers could approach the panel and virtually eat a whole Magnum!
This interactive campaign recognised and responded to facial motion in order for passers by to engage. After smiling to activate, the user begins to bite the Magnum Infinity on the billboard. With each attempt at biting, the camera in the billboard register their mouth movements and imitated it by biting the on-screen ice cream. Users would smile for their photo to be uploaded on to the Streets Magnum Facebook page. This tasty treat was part of a wider international multi-platform campaign which ran on JCDecaux's  trams and street furniture.
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