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JCDecaux are constantly finding new ways and thinking of new ideas to go above and beyond in order to create original and eye catching campaigns for car companies. Utilising a broad variety of our furniture, formats and locations, there have been large format, digital, light box and bus shelter campaigns to name a few... There have even been upside-down cars hanging from the ceiling! Here is a small selection of the many campaigns we have achieved.
Australia - Nissan
Austria - Ford
Beijing - Mitsubishi
Belgium - Toyota
Placing an actual car in a location to attract the attention of the general public is a great way to engage with consumers. It allows them to browse the car as though they would in a car showroom. With a product this big, there is no way anyone could miss it, which is the reason why it is being carried out across the globe. Below are examples from Belgium and China.
Belgium - Toyota Podium
China - Porche
China - Porche 911
China - Audi
China - KIA
JCDecaux and Fiat were determined to take this idea of including a actual car, one step further. Having a car tilted on it's side would be a very different and innovative way to showing the inside of a car. As you can see from the image below, it would be sure to attract the attention of everyone ranging from little children to the elderly.
France - Fiat
France - Citroën
France - Toyota
  Airport dominance, including banners, columns, wall wraps, is a great way to communicate to a vast audience and this was definitely a success for Fiat in France.
France - Fiat
France - Audi
France - Volkswagen Up
If you thought a a car tilted on it's side was amazing, wait until you see a car hanging upside down for the ceiling. JCDecaux and Fiat created an exceptional campaign for the exploration of their new car model. This was a very exciting and engaging campaign for everyone.  
Germany - Fiat
Germany - Opel
Germany - Opel
Germany - Hyundai
Russia - Jaguar
JCDecaux created a clever Large Format campaign in the sense that the image does not change regardless of whether it is night or day. This is due to a digital LED being used which lights up when night falls so the colours used in the campaign would remain the same as they would during the day.
Singapore - Volkswagen at Night
Singapore - Volkswagen in the Day
Spain - Fiat
Spain - Fiat
Spain - Renault
Sweden - Mercedes
Renault were very tactical with their chose of straplines, which could also be puns, for their Large Format campaigns. "Kiss my glass" and "Secs sells" were two of the straplines used which would definitely raise a few eyebrows and get everyone talking.
UK - Renault
UK - Renault
Who would have thought that cars and touchscreens go hand in hand? Well it worked a treat for Ford who, well the help of JCDecaux, created a touchscreen panel aimed at fathers and their children. The screen was split into 2 parts with the top being aimed at fathers to explore the new Galaxy car and the bottom being aimed at children with a variety of games for them to play.
UK - Ford
Ukraine - Nissan
USA - Buick

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