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When nature inspires tomorrow's urban techs

Without knowing, you are surrounded by technologies inspired by nature. Biomimicry is bringing on a new industrial revolution, introducing “an era based not on what we can...

12 mai 2017

Don't worry, be happy (in your city)

Being happy is one of everyone’s main life goals. Buf if the pursuit of happiness is an individual quest, more and more experts highlight the importance of happy places and...

28 avril 2017

Work is changing, and it changes cities too

Once upon a time, people had a lifetime job with one single employer. The majority of jobs were full-time ones in structured companies, and manufacturing jobs were a...

20 mars 2017
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Toxic sandwiches to raise awareness of food allergies

What would happen if you were allergic to peanuts or dairy products? Your daily life would be much more...

11 septembre 2017
Facts & Figures

How bad policies on public housing have worsened the global housing crisis

Cities are growing faster than the economy in many countries, which often results in large slums at the outskirts...

8 septembre 2017
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Solve a giant puzzle with Professor Layton at Waterloo Station

To promote the launch on mobile of “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy”, the...

7 septembre 2017
Urban Radar

When Hong Kong will run out of space for its waste

Trapped between hills and the ocean, the compact city of Hong Kong is facing a concerning waste issue. Its 7.4...

6 septembre 2017
Facts & Figures

The high cost of free parking

Our cities are too often built around cars, especially in the US where each public or private building must make...

4 septembre 2017
Urban Radar

Mexico gets rid of its mandatory parking minimums

Mexico City just took a radical decision that could greatly enhance both its housing market and its walkability:...

1 septembre 2017
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Taipei’s Subway is turned into different sports venues for the Universiade

This summer is definitely athletic! In parallel to the announcement of the future Olympics hosts, Tapei is...

31 août 2017

Swimming is back in town (it’s still summer!)

Among other natural elements, water surely is one of the most appreciated in cities – or even a symbol, as the...

21 août 2017
Facts & Figures

Californians don’t want to drive anymore

The United States suffer from a car-oriented design of their cities, which are not really adapted for bikes and...

21 août 2017
Urban Radar

What will NYC look like in a driverless future?

In a near future, driverless cars may reshape our daily mobility – and even the design of our streets. The company...

21 août 2017
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Fun messages for a fun Fanta drink!

Fanta decided to celebrate the launch of its new product, Fanta Jelly Fizz, with passers-by. The company, in...

21 août 2017
Urban Radar

Portland is designing accessible bikes for its bike share system

If bike sharing is a great opportunity to get around town easily, not everyone can enjoy it – especially people...

19 juillet 2017