Every year on February 14th, cards, flowers and chocolates are exchanged amongst loved ones all across the world. Wouldn't it be a little bit special if your partner did something a little bit unusual? That's exactly what happened when companies such as Cadbury and MasterCard teamed up with JCDecaux in order to create very special and unique heart warming moments.



Love is all about surprises and excitement and you could not have asked for more than when MasterCard created a large billboard with a message reading "Hannah Davis, please be my valentine."  To make this more romantic, to say the least, a chair was also attached to the billboard on which a man sat, waiting for his girlfriend. He had arranged for her to meet him at this specific location without her having a clue as to what was happening. Upon her arrival and as spectators gathered, he asked for her to be his valentine.
Mastercard - UK

Galeria Kaufhof

Galeria Kaufhof and JCDecaux simplified Valentine's Day by teasing and revealing jewellery gift ideas in multiple locations across Germany such as Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. Around the Valentine's Day period, eight panels displayed selected necklaces from Wolfgang Joop, with the strapline “A special idea for a gift – exclusive in our store”. Automated curtains as well as illuminating and rotating effects, were just a small part of the innovative idea. The windows were large enough to reveal the jewellery items while remaining intimate enough to give people the sense that they were looking into someone's private jewellery box!
Galeria Kaufhof - Germany
Galeria Kaufhof - Germany

Van Gils

Fashion brand, Van Gils, took wedding proposals to the extreme in Amsterdam with three men climbing to the top of a large format and abseiling back down after writing a proposal for all to see. It was beautifully executed as all three men were wearing Van Gils suits and synchronized with one another whilst writing wedding proposals. They literally acted out the narration which tells the story behind the company and making of the clothing.
Van Gils - Amsterdam
Van Gils - Amsterdam
Van Gils - Amsterdam
Below is the full length video of the Van Gil's commercials, 'No Stitch, No Story'. 

Dove, Unilever

Unilever's Dove is 'spreading the love' this year at London Victoria Station utilising the Transvision screens by posting a different question every day which will encourage commuters to text or tweet their responses. These will then be displayed for all to see. In addition to this, Dove ambassadors will be sharing small gifts, relevant to the day's question, to commuters. Today's question is 'what do you love about your Valentine?' At the station, there will white tulips being distributed to commuters. This campaign is ran from Monday 13th February 2012 until Sunday 19th February 2012.
Unilever - Dove - UK