JCDecaux have created many different outdoor campaigns for financial companies from Allianz to Zurich all over the world. Some of which have been simple and static whereas some brands have decided to use more digital and dynamic ways to communicate to their audiences. Below is a selection of some of the campaigns JCDecaux have produced recently. We start with an HSBC campaign which engaged it's customers by allowing them to vote on particular questions being asked on street furniture panels in Australia.Also in Australia, Commonwealth Bank advertised on 8 bus shelters across Sydney and Melbourne to promote their new iPhone App. Commuters could interact with a game on a 55" touch screen and enter in their email address to win $1000.
Australia - Commonwealth Bank
Australia - Commonwealth Bank
In Belgian airports, MasterCard created some innovative campaigns to capture attention and educate passengers of their new credit card.
Belgium - Mastercard
Belgium - Mastercard
In China, Visa integrated their campaigns on special builds placed in Airports. Placing a campaign in such a busy environment will attract a lot of attention and hopefully a lot of business. This proved a popular success as HSBC produced a similar campaign in the same location. Examples of these have been placed below.
China - Visa
China - HSBC
France - Mastercard
France - Allianz
Germany - Deutsche Bank
Hong Kong - Mastercard
Advertising on a bus shelter can be very effective as many different people will stand at or walk past the bus shelter on a daily basis. Credit Suisse used this to their advantage in Hong Kong where the bus shelter consisted of 4 large format panels and 4 6-sheet panels. Each of the panels featured similar creatives which is helpful for the passerby to digest the information quickly and easily.  
Hong Kong - Credit Suisse
There were 5 bus shelters in The Netherlands where ABN AMRO customers could check their balance and transfer funds. The campaign promoted a new app with the same functionality and was available for mobile download by following the instructions on the bus shelter.
The Netherlands - ABN AMRO
The Netherlands - ABN AMRO
Singapore - HSBC
Mastercard strategically placed their campaign in a shopping basket. This reinforced their slogan of "there are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Mastercard". This is a very clever concept as all the items the consumer will place into the shopping basket can be paid for using a Mastercard credit card. A subtle campaign, such as this one, can prove to be very powerful.
Spain - Mastercard
Thailand - HSBC
Thailand - Mastercard
In Turkey's Taksim Square, Arkbank used a striking image using a JCDecaux's Street Furniture Senior. The choice of image, the dominant colour and as well as being situated in a very busy environment only draws more attention rather than 'getting lost' in this particular location. This is a very important factor that JCDecaux thrive to achieve in order to provide the company with as much publicity and attraction as possible.
Turkey - Akbank
Turkey - Visa
Natwest used domination in London Bridge Station's main concourse. Situated there are 3 large hoarding panels which Natwest used, in conjunction with JCDecaux, very well in order to engage with the public.
UK - Natwest
Nationwide Building Society and JCDecaux created an exceptional campaign which dominated London's Euston Station. Nationwide were first to launch the new concept, 'e-motion', consisting of nine full motion, interlinked digital screens which allow live feeds and other dynamic content to be conveyed accurately and efficiently to the public.   
UK - Mastercard
UK - Zurich
USA - Mastercard