Every month we pick our favourite creative Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns, executed by the Creative Solutions teams around the world. It’s always a tough choice with dozens of campaigns taking place in every corner of the globe.
The creative OOH executions below were successful because they understood the behaviour of the OOH audience and adapted their campaigns specifically to OOH formats, optimising message delivery and brand recall. The campaigns make the most of OOH by allowing consumers to interact with the brand in real life and have a more personal experience. See how these entertaining and unique ads took people out of their everyday routines and created an unforgettable brand impression on the consumer. 

About JCDecaux Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions is an international division of JCDecaux that brings innovative Out-of-Home (OOH) concepts to on-street reality. Creative Solutions campaigns grab attention and build a dialogue with target audiences.
Whether special builds or Dynamic Content, dedicated teams around the world use the latest technologies to optimise campaigns across all OOH environments.

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