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London’s future in digital Out of Home

London's landscape is changing fast. The forest of cranes overlooking the city is one sign of its development, but it’s not the only one. The ever more advanced Out of Home sites are appearing in London’s streets and stations and opening new possibilities for brands and people to build a relationship through interaction and personalised experiences. The tech-centric EC1 digital site is Google’s firm favourite for their live, localised and relevant messaging. The gigantic digital Motion@Waterloo together with Beakle hosted the first-of-the-kind interactive and sound-integrated campaign for Jurassic World. It was trending in next to no time. And Heathrow's 74 million  annual passengers (Source: ACI) can gawk at the impressive ad creatives playing on the digital Towers @ T5 as they pass through. The TfL bus shelter contract is the next opportunity for JCDecaux to offer Londoners a medium that doesn't simply display ads but offers new connections and contributes to the city environment.
Google on EC1 in Londons Shoreditch

The 3Ds.

Digital: LDN, The London Digital Network

LDN will be a network of 1,000 brand new 84inch digital screens, 40% larger than the existing screens and the biggest deployment at this scale. The vision is to see the network span across London’s key retail zones, from Shoreditch, to Brixton, and from Knightsbridge to Richmond and ultimately completely digitise Oxford Street.

Data: Optimised.

An effective campaign is an optimised campaign. The new LDN network will offer a cocktail of data on spend, opinion, audience, search and locations. Appropriate application of this data will allow advertisers to target their audience at optimum moments. The brand new Connected London audience panel consisting of 5,000 members will show daily habits and preferences of Londoners (similar to Connected Commuter). With existing CACI spend data and audience profiles from Route, the combination of all this data means live optimisation like never before. It means a young tech from Shoreditch can interact with Google’s restaurant recommendations on a Friday night and a fashionista from Knightsbridge can see the latest trench coat live on a catwalk, while out shopping, on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Delivery: Right time, right place.

If LDN is a media rocket, SmartBRICS is its control centre. It makes outdoor planning, buying and proof of play as simple as kids' building blocks. In addition, the SmartBRICS CMS (Content Management System) allows campaign managers to easily serve copy on demand and for location, Twitter, RSS and Instagram. So advertisers can choose the right ad, for the right person, at the most appropriate time of day. All in all, the start of 2016 will see a change in London’s Out of Home media landscape. The new LDN network will allow advertisers to stand out and build stronger relationships with their commuting, walking, jogging, shopping, drinking, eating, partying and site-seeing audiences.
JCDecaux plans to make London the global showcase for digital Out-of-Home […] and the scale of our build out will provide a new communication channel for London, backed by big data that will transform what is possible in Out-of-Home. Jean-François DecauxChairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO
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