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ENERGY. Reduce our impact.

At JCDecaux, we have developed several methods to limit energy our consumption . For our new street furniture, we are systematically using LED lighting and, on our existing stock, we are going back and replacing older technologies. We prioritise renewably-sourced electricity: in 2015, 37% of our power consumption was covered by green electricity. We are also seeking to reduce our fuel consumption by renewing our fleets of vehicles and training our employees in eco-driving.

ENVIRONMENT. On all fronts.

Collecting rainwater, reducing the amount of water that we use to clean street furniture, using FSC- and PEFC-certified paper from sustainably-managed forests, using plant-based ink for our signage, recycling PVC billboards, and recycling our waste (59.3% in 2015) – Our concern for the environment is in everything we do. The same goes for our street furniture: choosing materials responsibly, optimising the use of raw materials as resources during production, refurbishing certain street furniture for re-use, and reducing the generated waste.
New sustainable bus shelters for the green city of Copenhagen
Reducing our impact
With 561 bus shelters, which 433 equipped with city traffic information terminals or 42” LCD screens, AFA JCDecaux wants to make the city with The Little Mermaid a green smart city.

ECONOMy. Local player. Local employer.

We strive to operate as locally as possible, to be ever closer to our partners, be they cities, transit authorities, or shopping centres. Thus, we contribute to the local economy by creating stable jobs in each country: in 2015, 94.1% of our employees were on permanent contracts. By giving local advertisers visibility, we are also players in the local economy.

Safety. Stay strict. Stay ahead.

The environments in which our street furniture is installed require extreme rigour in terms of safety for our teams as well as the people who frequent these transfer sites. From working at heights, to road safety, and power safety, it is a priority of the Group to continuously improve the working conditions of our teams and ensure the safety of all parties involved. 
JCDecaux France innovates to strengthen safety
Health and safety
With continuous improvements to materials, regulations, training and group testing, we make every effort to improve the safety of our employees and the users of our products.

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