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Business model. A virtuous circle and proven solution.

Since the creation of JCDecaux in 1964, our business model, based on financing street furniture through advertising, has become a worldwide success story. Thanks to the quality of our products and services, it is a solution that extracts value from audiences for the benefit of our partners. When cities, airports, transport authorities and shopping centres dedicate space to our street furniture, they receive licence fees and can benefit from new, free or low-cost services like Wi-Fi connections or bicycle sharing. These services enhance the locations’ appeal and draw in even larger audiences. It is a virtuous circle and a proven and sustainable solution.
In Lyon, in front of La Part-Dieu train station, one of the advertising displays financing the self-service bike scheme Vélo'v

Our VISION. Maximise value.

At the heart of our approach is the drive to optimise the potential of each display to create a unique value proposition. To achieve this, we identify the most advantageous locations and install the best-suited displays, with solutions that are tailor-made, creative, innovative and unique. For example, in Oslo, JCDecaux helped liven up a location through regular experiential campaigns. We believe in less advertising and more quality.
Sound devices, interactive screens, holographic projections and augmented reality: we continuously innovate and can offer highly creative solutions to enhance a display and its surrounding location. It’s always fascinating to see the impact on people. People slow down, stop and look. When the display is experiential, the location can turn into a meeting place. And what was simply a thoroughfare becomes a place that is full of life. Stian Stark HusbyMarketing and Innovate Manager, JCDecaux Norway

AUDIENCE. Known and renowned.

The value of our advertising solutions also comes from our detailed knowledge of audiences. Our experts work with specialised institutes to classify audiences into ever-more specific categories like age, gender, income, use of new technologies, purchase behaviour and transportation profile. Cities, airports, transport authorities and shopping centres benefit from this detailed information about their audiences thanks to our studies and analyses.

EXPERTISE. Effective solutions, whatever the need.

Our solutions go beyond achieving optimal monetisation for our partners. We also help them achieve their objectives. For example, they may seek to enhance the image of their location through advertisements for prestigious brands, or promote local businesses by featuring local advertisers. Whatever the need, we can provide an effective solution thanks to our international, national and local sales teams, our close working relationships with brands and agencies and our ability to sell spaces individually or as networks. Our experience enables us to be agile, benefitting our partners in all circumstances.

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