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Verisure campaign in Norway - using Munch's 'Madonna'


Verisure, a Norwegian-based home security company, executed a successful campaign in the sought-after location of Oslo Central Station. The company showcased ‘The Madonna’, a real E. Munch artwork usually displayed at the Ekely Art Museum. A great example of OOH turning into a public art gallery.

The piece of art, worth 3 million euros, was taken out of the museum for a day and displayed inside a free-standing unit in front of Oslo Central Station, one of the busiest areas in the city and the nation’s biggest railway station.

A Verisure camera was installed as part of the special build structure and ensured the painting was safe during the campaign duration. A perfect example of the fruitful synergy between OOH and art.


Highlighting in an unconventional way the effectiveness of Verisure systems, the campaign created a lot of social media buzz. So much so that the initiative became the subject of another Verisure campaign rolled out nationally, with a clear message: “Secure enough for Munch, secure enough for you".