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Römerquelle, part of the Coca-Cola group, collaborated with JCDecaux on a fun and engaging experiential campaign. Using a special build structure, the brand promoted its investment in sustainable packaging with the launch of a 0.5-litre bottle made from fully recyclable PlantBottle™ material.

A special build structure was placed close to one of the most iconic squares in Vienna, and allowed passers-by to win free bottles of Römerquelle in two ways. The first way consisted of a recycling exercise.

Brand ambassadors – dressed as ancient Romans to celebrate the brand, whose spring source has been active in Austria since the Roman times - encouraged people to recycle their used plastic bottles in one of the dedicated compartments of the special build structure.

As a reward, they would get a four digit code that unlocked a sample of Römerquelle water.
The second way was an interactive game in front of a screen. Passers-by could play for a few seconds – if they reached the minimum score they could win a free bottle of Römerquelle water.


Over 4,000 bottles were recycled at the Römerquelle experiential space over the four-day campaign period. The campaign highlighted the brand’s commitment to sustainability, while celebrating its heritage as an ancient and pure spring source that is able to adapt to the latest challenges.