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To promote the launch of the new Galaxy S10+ phone, Samsung and JCDecaux partnered to create Singapore’s first out-of-home wireless charging stations. Ten bus stops, across the city’s busiest neighbourhood, were transformed into wireless shared-charging stations.

The brand used one of the key features of the latest Samsung Galaxy S10+, fast portable charging, to promote the launch. Ten digital bus shelter panels were fitted with wireless charging devices, integrating mobile technology with connectivity to provide an added convenience in a busy urban setting.


These panels were placed in central areas frequented by affluent shoppers, working professionals and tourists such as Orchard Road, the commercial heart of Singapore and popular entertainment spot, home to over 25 major shopping centres.


The panels enabled passers-by to charge their phone by holding it against the panel whilst waiting for the bus. The digital panel would light up and play the same sound as the Galaxy S10+ when charging.


Only 1 minute was needed to charge 1% of battery, proving how the technology can make life easier even in the busiest circumstances. The charging service could be used by anyone (not only Samsung owners) as long as the phone was Qi wireless charging compatible.



The campaign proved to be successful in both engaging the audience through a fun format and in conveying a positive brand message. Over 25% proactively interacted with the ad and half of the people who viewed it loved it.
An uplift in the opinion that the S10+ has the best features compared to all smartphones in the market has been observed across viewers, also an increase in awareness of the key PowerSharing feature, purchase intent of the Galaxy S10 series and consideration of purchase of a Samsung smartphone.

Thanks to a unique way to interact with and educate prospects outside of the retail space, Samsung confirmed its positioning as an innovative and user-friendly brand.