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Perrier and JCDecaux collaborated on an interactive campaign that brought the summer holiday spirit to South Shaanxi Road Station in Shanghai, a big interchange station in the middle of two core central districts.

The station corridor was wrapped with an eye-catching bright graffiti print, embedding three miniature landscape scenes representing typical French holiday settings.

The first miniature window displayed a beautiful beach scenery with people bathing in the sunshine while a bottle of Perrier poured water down from the hills.

Inside the second showcase, passers-by could gaze at a Parisian street scene with locals and tourists walking through a square while a construction crew set up a bottle of Perrier as a landmark.

Finally, a live concert was recreated in the third showcase with a band performing, and a bottle of Perrier added on stage.

Whatever kind of relaxing setting one finds themself in, a bottle of Perrier can only add to the great atmosphere.

Shanghai metro commuters were able to take selfies with the displays by following the instructions written on the special build. By pressing a button, they activated the camera, and after scanning a QR code they could download their selfies.


The elaborate showcases provided the perfect solution for the creative idea to come to life and appeal to the core audience in the summer heat. Through the miniature displays and the interactive selfie activation, Perrier was able to stand out as a sophisticated brand, proud of its French roots.