The annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28th April is an opportunity to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases worldwide. This year, it is focussed on acting together to build a positive safety and health culture.

Our top priority at JCDecaux is to provide the safest and healthiest working conditions possible to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees.

Our Group Health & Safety culture has evolved continuously over the years to meet this challenge. It started in 2014 with the implementation of effective Health & Safety management systems (rules and procedures) across all of our Business Units.

Since then, we have gradually shifted our efforts towards a proactive and participative approach based on trust. This will enable us to have a more agile and resilient Health & Safety culture.

The JCDecaux Corp teams have implemented a range of initiatives to support the Business Units in achieving this goal:
  • Two digital training sessions
We have released two online courses (one for Managing Directors and one for Operations Managers and Supervisors) to ensure the same message is heard and promoted within JCDecaux.
  • Site visits from all Managing Directors within the Group
Since 2021, we have been encouraging all Managing Directors to carry out site visits to discuss major challenges and opportunities for improvement with their teams. We see their active involvement and availability as a major success factor. 128 visits were carried out last year across 50 countries.
  • Awareness material on various Health & Safety topics
We have released awareness material on safe driving, rigging & lifting, work at height, ladder safety, slips trips and falls and electrical safety. Employees are invited to discuss the material in small groups so that they can share their concerns and ideas.

Beyond coordinating the systems in place and Group actions, our countries are deploying multiple initiatives. We are working to ensure that everyone can contribute to an ever-safer working environment through our new 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy.