“Dry January” is a phenomenon that has been growing in recent years. More and more people are taking up the challenge that started in the UK; to give up alcohol for a whole month. 
Heineken wanted to take advantage of this popular trend and so they set up a multimedia campaign combining OOH, DOOH & Mobile, to help their consumers rise to the challenge.  

The objectives

Communicate around ‘Dry January’ and increase awareness and sales of their alcohol-free beers Heineken 0% and Desperados Virgin. 

The set-up

JCDecaux worked with Publicis and Ask Locala to orchestrate a campaign in the Greater Paris region combining the power of OOH, the contextualisation of DOOH, and geo-localised activation on mobile media.  



The campaign was evaluated using our ‘DOOH Campaign Insights’ tool, which once again demonstrated the effectiveness of the complementary nature of the OOH + DOOH media mix, as well as the huge potential for amplifying your message by combining two channels of considerable flexibility: DOOH and Mobile. 

In addition, the campaign included an online display, social media, and audio campaign (radio and digital audio).  

Campaign Insights JCDecaux x MarketingScan x Ask Locala, Heineken Zero Zone
A device that was also completed by a display, social media and audio campaign (Radio and Digital Audio).