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© Gilles Dacquin: Jean-Charles Decaux and Jean-François Decaux
© Gilles Dacquin:
Jean-Charles Decaux (top)
Jean-François Decaux (bottom)
Message from the co-CEO

2014: JCDecaux celebrates its 50th anniversary

It was in 1964 that our father, Jean-Claude Decaux, invented the advertising bus shelter. Fifty years later, JCDecaux's success is still based on its founding business model: the installation of street furniture in cities, free-of-charge, in exchange for exclusive advertising rights. Now operating in more than 60 countries, the Group has been able to anticipate lifestyle trends in such a way that it can offer cities, transport authorities and airports a comprehensive range of products and services which meet the requirements of both citizens and announcers: advertising bus shelters, city information panels, scrolling outdoor advertising panels, large-format panels, automatic public conveniences, electronic information boards, public litter bins, self-service bicycles, etc.

As has been the case over the last fifty years, our future projects will be based both on our desire for international expansion and on our capacity to innovate.

2014 will therefore see the implementation of the new bus shelter contract in Paris. Advertising bus shelters are by virtue of their size and number one of the most visible items of street furniture in the city landscape and our task is of crucial importance: the definition of a new public space that encapsulates both heritage and modernity. Thanks to a new design which is the fruit of numerous experiments and passenger studies and to high quality French manufacturing, the Group aims to make this new model THE global reference in advertising bus shelters.

Digital advertising is also central to our strategy for 2014 and the years ahead. 2013 saw new developments in digital and it will increasingly become an integral part of the range and services that we offer. This is already the case for our advertising street furniture projects in Chicago, São Paulo and the airports of Los Angeles, Boston and Houston where we are installing high-definition screen walls that will offer announcers spectacular digital resources through which they can reach their audiences to greater effect.

As cities develop and urban spread triples in size between 2012 and 2030, the concept of the Intelligent or Smart City is set to take form before our eyes and revolutionise the way we operate. Connectivity will change the way we live in cities and our everyday habits will be profoundly and sustainably modified. JCDecaux has a clear vision of the scale of this new concept and of the new infrastructures and services that will be developed to transform the city into a simpler, more familiar, more welcoming, high-performance place to live and work. The Group aims to be a key player in this adventure.

In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, we strongly believe that outdoor communication will continue to grow in appeal. Our solid history is a key vantage point from which to seize growth opportunities and strengthen our position as leader on the global outdoor advertising market.

In this anniversary year, we would like to pay tribute to each and every one of our employees, past and present and whatever their responsibilities within the Group, for their steadfast contribution to JCDecaux's development through their expertise, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm. To those of you who have been with the Company for many years and new recruits alike, to all of you who have supported our founding values of excellence, passion and innovation, we would simply like to say “thank you”.

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