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Street furniture generated 43,4% of 2015 revenues. For more than 50 years, JCDecaux has proved that street furniture is capable of offering simultaneously, advertising effectiveness, aesthetic qualities and public service. Invented in 1964, the concept of street furniture was perceived to combine both public service and advertising, JCDecaux is now the leading player in this market with a total of 524,580 advertising panels in 56 countries.

JCDecaux has constantly sought to improve and to diversify its products: automatic outdoor toilets, multi-service columns (known as ‘Morris columns’), newspaper kiosks, citylight panels (street furniture displaying information), free-standing panels, combined public rubbish bins and recycling systems, public benches, streetlights, recycling bins for glass or batteries, etc.

The competitive advantage of the street furniture concept developed by JCDecaux resides chiefly in technological innovation, in the quality of design and maintenance. JCDecaux has made maintenance an absolute priority. As of 31st December 2014, 53.8% of our Street Furniture employees were responsible for the installation, the cleaning and maintenance of our street furniture and for poster management.

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