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More than 45 years of innovation

Shaping tomorrow’s cities

JCDecaux has played a major role in shaping cities for almost 50 years. It began with a simple idea: provide cities with street furniture free of charge in exchange for exclusive advertising rights on these first-class locations.

Innovation is part of JCDecaux’s DNA with a combination of public service, design and advertising effectiveness. Its products aim to improve the quality of urban life and are developed in partnership with cities and transport operators. They include bus shelters, free-standing information panels, automatic public toilets, multi-service columns, self-service bicycle racks, electronic message boards, flower and newspaper stands, waste and recycling bins, benches, streetlights…
110 engineers and designers employed by JCDecaux are entirely dedicated to R&D.

This unique portfolio provides the advertising space required to finance the city’s street furniture needs. They are positioned for maximum impact in city centres, on major commuting routes and in more than one million shopping malls around the world.