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At JCDecaux we understand that street furniture, transport advertising and billboards are all part of a wider urban landscape, influenced by local needs and culture. Public mobility, visibility, quality, efficiency as well as the image of the city itself are all key factors that we take into account.

JCDecaux has built its reputation on delivering innovative, attractive concepts by calling upon a wide range of experts. JCDecaux has worked with over 50 world-famous architects and designers on projects in cities across the world. These include: Gae Aulenti in Turin, Robert Stern in Chicago, Jean-Michel Wilmotte in West Hollywood and Lord Norman Foster in London for the M4 Tower. Street furniture can be found in cities from San Francisco to Paris and Sydney from leading names such as Philippe Starck, Mario Bellini, Philippe Cox, Patrick Jouin, Knud Holscher, Martin Szekely, Peter Eisenman, Christophe Pillet, Mathieu Lehanneur or Marc Aurel.

From bus shelters to the famous self-service bicycles, called Vélo’v in Lyon and Vélib’ in Paris, each structure combines elegance, style and function.

When digital advertising screens were installed in the busiest corners of the world the same form/function balance was struck. From London to Dubai and from Shanghai to New York, these innovative, real-time communication tools have been installed in prime locations that offer flexibility and fast-paced, digital technologies that are particularly promising in terms of potential added value for cities and transport authorities.

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